Search, Select, Design, Renovate a Facility Under Tight Timelines

The Situation:

Biovail Corporation, a Canadian pharmaceutical company in Mississauga, Ontario, needed to lease a building, convert it to a small corporate office, and install new pharmaceutical product development laboratory in a hurry. We worked with the client to search for and evaluate a number of buildings. Once the chosen building was available, the facility had to be designed in 4 weeks and the building renovated in 8 weeks, to be ready for the equipment and staff from another site.

Our Response:

Crawford selected and hired an architect specializing in office renovation and hired an engineering firm specializing in renovation work. Crawford provided the pharmaceutical expertise to design an efficient layout to maximize the number of offices and laboratories for the client. Tight bids resulted in low costs for the project.

The Result:

The project was completed on time: 8 weeks for a 2,000 sq. m. (22,000 sq. ft.) building and under budget. The client then occupied a facility which was fitting for a young pharmaceutical company on the rise.

Pharma lab in Mississauga, Ontario

Pharmaceutical development laboratory converted from a warehouse
in Mississauga, Ontario.