Modify Existing Design for a Pharmaceutical Plant to Meet Standards and Achieve Greater Capacity and Efficiency

The Situation:

Biovail Corporation had already selected a designer/contractor to build a
pharmaceutical plant in Steinbach, Manitoba. The design did not conform to
the usual pharmaceutical standards for layout. As a result, space was not
used wisely. Also, we felt the cost of the plant was more than what a typical
pharmaceutical plant should cost.

Our Response:

As a first step, Crawford revised the layout to meet modern pharmaceutical
standards. The flow of product was made more efficient and we doubled the
capacity of the plant using the same building area of 9,300 sq. m. (100,000
sq. ft.). We guided a team of engineers to review, revise and break down the
contract to achieve cost savings without altering the schedule.

The Result:

Plant capacity was doubled within the same building footprint. Production
costs were lowered due to a more efficient layout.  Crawford’s team negotiated
and saved the client $2,000,000 from their contract with the contractor. The plant
went into production and achieved US FDA and Canadian manufacturing standards.
The plant went on line in 16 months, right on schedule.

Pharmaceutical plant for Trimel Corporation (Biovail),
Steinbach, Manitoba.