Develop and Oversee Construction of a Showpiece Corporate Office for a Major Pharmaceutical Company

The Situation:

Top executives of Biovail Corporation wanted to design an eye-catching
corporate office on a prominent corner. The building and property were to
make a statement about the success of the company in the pharmaceutical

Our response:

Crawford selected and hired a leading architectural firm followed by other
leading engineering firms to deliver a high quality design within a fixed
budget. The building encompassed an area of 4,000 sq. m. (43,000 sq. ft.).
We hired a top construction management firm to construct the building.

The Result:

The building was built in 18 months from start of design through to
occupancy. The construction work was completed in only 11 months,
including a large number of client-requested extras. The entire staff moved in
over a Labour Day weekend without a hitch, including the main computer,
which also controlled all of the North American operations.
The building went on to receive several awards.

Design and construction of a corporate office building for Biovail in
Mississauga, Ontario. Completed on time and budget in 18 months.