Case Studies


  • Can the design and management of your facility’s construction improve your bottom line?
  • Can the stress on your management during a building expansion programme be lessened?
  • Can your expansion/construction time be shortened?
  • Can your operation be made more efficient resulting in lower operating costs?

The following case studies show that all this and more is possible.

Building expansion
Expand a dairy to fit their plan.

Business expansion
Develop a clinical manufacturing plant.

Search, select, design and renovate a facility under tight timelines
Lease a building, convert it to a small corporate office, and install new pharmaceutical product development laboratory. All in minimal time.

Design and renovate a pharmaceutical plant to meet US FDA standards
Double the size of a plant in Puerto Rico in 8 months.

Modify existing design for a pharmaceutical plant to meet standards and achieve greater capacity
and efficiency

Fix the design of a pharmaceutical plant to make it less expensive and more efficient.

Develop and oversee construction of a showpiece corporate office for a major pharmaceutical company
Design an eye-catching corporate office.