innovative solutions for your manufacturing challenges

Crawford Building Consultants (CBC) is your production and expansion expert, delivering great projects on time and on budget, every time.

Want to expand your pharmaceutical or food plant capacity and reduce costs?

  • Need to improve pharmaceutical layouts? Improve GMP?
  • Material handling and warehouse layout costing you money? Is your plant congested?

Serving Small and Medium businesses with Project Management in Ontario and Canada since 1995

Time to grow your business? Need help? Lots of ideas and not sure where to start?

  • Want to bring in a new product? Expand an existing line? Do you crave a better layout?
  • Want to develop a new site and don’t know where to start? Need help finding a suitable site for your business?

CBC designs and builds structures to meet Canadian and U.S. FDA requirements.

Uncertain on how to expand your industrial plant? Not sure whether to renovate or build an addition?

  • Need help with site layout and design? Not sure which way to go?
  • Is your current expansion project a headache, too time consuming, or in trouble?

CBC creates a clean, clear and streamlined project plan, with unified and efficient layouts and one stop shopping.

Need to increase production? Ready to upgrade old production lines? Add laboratories?

  • Time to expand with a better warehouse layout? Need more capacity?
  • Want to start a new production line? Improve layouts and process?

CBC solves your expansion challenges with fresh and innovative approach. Layouts are our forte.

CBC takes care of it all. We save your project and make it a success. CBC is your one stop design, construction and renovation shop. We are a qualified and experienced team of architects, engineers, designers and contractors, solution makers and problem solvers, managing your project from conception to plant start-up.

Need help? Email or call us at 705.652.1100. We make your dreams work, on time and on budget, every time.

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